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4Cities4Dev is funded by the European Union. The partners are four European cities led by Turin, and Slow Food.



Seven case studies in different African countries were identified as representative of the Slow Food approach, and they have been twinned with the partner cities.


The Project

The 4Cities4Dev project, co-funded by the European Union, has arisen out of a collaboration between Slow Food and four European cities, Turin (the project leader), Tours, Bilbao and Riga.


The project brings together the cities, in their roles as active protagonists in local policies and decentralized cooperation, and the Slow Food approach to development, based on the involvement of food communities and consumers .

4Cities4Dev revolves around the experience of Slow Food's food communities, groups of people who produce, process and distribute sustainable and high-quality food, maintaining a strong social, economic, cultural and historic link to their local area.


The four European cities have adopted seven food communities in Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Kenya and Madagascar.


"Adopting" a food community means giving the European cities a chance to really get to know these communities, supported by Slow Food and with the establishment of formal relationships between the partner cities, the food communities and local authorities.


The support for the food communities aims to increase awareness among European citizens about responsible consumption and the consequences of their food habits. The fight against poverty requires individuals and local institutions to act responsibly.


The 4Cities4Dev films about Slow Food Presidia

Pokot Ash Yoghurt - Kenya

Harenna Forest Wild Coffee - Ethiopia

Fadiouth Island Salted Millet Couscous - Senegal


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